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The Heart


I am 100% certain your true voice is beautiful.

I teach singing because I know voice foundations are available to everyone. Even YOU!

Saying you don’t have a voice is like looking at a flower and saying it doesn’t exist.  It’s simply not true.

How do I know?

Read on to learn my story.




My last name, Fromherz, can be translated as “From the Heart.”

Long story short-ish (if you want the longer story, please follow my Blog.  There will also be great tips for singers of all levels there), I am a life-long student of singing.  I was in children’s choir as a munchkin; I was loud but a team singer; I loved to read music and was a very “good” singer and musician.  A strong work ethic kept me going in this vein through Conservatory and my career in Europe, when, after a standing ovation on a stage in Germany, I realized I was looking for something much more than just a singing career.  I was looking for a full experience of life I did not have. I was looking for “Voice” with a capital “V.”  This was the turning point when I began to see myself as a kind of guide to Voice.  I love to teach people of all ages because I can guess at the many paths and possibilities Voice might take us on in the studio, and I can support people in whatever path their Voice is wanting to take.  Each singer is their own treasure map.  I’m just here to help you ask questions of your Voice like “What ARE you Voice?” “How do you work?” and “How do I SING?”

The thing about singing is, depending on who you are, it is just a “thing you do” OR, on the flip side, it’s something that can bring you to life. I think all singers probably live and sing somewhere on that spectrum.  Right now, I am more in the realm of “Voice is who I am.”  I believe for some singers, this reality is really important to learn and step in to.  It can be the key to solving stage fright, procrastination, self-hatred and all the strange, wild and sometimes dark and scary realities we can live as artists which become the beauty of our integrated sounds when we have the courage to give voice to them.

Don’t worry!  I also teach “pure technique” lessons. But you may find that the reality of voice studies is often much messier than what our intellect wants to admit.  The stuff that brings us to life, that makes us want to sing,  is not JUST mental–although the mental is very important!  It is love, and passion, and vitality, and that wordless “IT” which gets us up in the morning and makes us want to live, to create, to BE!

A Heart Perspective to learning to sing is available to all ages, and all vocal interests.  You may be a professional singer who just needs a little tune-up, or a great amateur who’d like to feel more vocally sure on stage.  “Your Sound,” when it’s integrated with a solid experience of being a singer, with connection to your body-instrument and all that entails, can seamlessly flow from who you already are.  This quality of integration, I believe, is what we love about great singing.  It is accessible to YOU!

You may also be a beginner.  Now, here is the special thing I LOVE about beginners: every great singer I’ve known, and I’ve known more than a few, says that being really true to their Voice means singing like a beginner–like someone who doesn’t know what’s coming next.  They sing music they’ve practiced over and over, just so they can “let go” in the moment of performance and sing as if they’ve never sung before.  I think that’s wild!  And when we can apply this very advanced idea that all we need to sing is present at any moment to the beginning of your singing journey, singing and learning to sing can feel like a grand adventure, even when the daily exercises sometimes can feel like a grind.

When a heart perspective is applied as a foundation to intellectual understanding of the voice, we can thrive vocally in any genre and any setting.  We see pathways to voice we never saw before.  Possibilities open up as we get stronger physically and mentally, and as we listen to, and believe, that deep voice inside us that says “I want to sing.” The singing voice, when it’s seen from a life-enriching perspective and grown in a holistic, organic fashion, can change our lives.


Are you curious about where I’ve performed and taught?  Here’s my resume.


Ex︎perience in Teaching and Educational Leadership

Falls City Thrives! 501(c)3. Advise non-profit board on music education events.

Director of Equity in Voice Education Project. Falls City, Oregon. $2500 Grant from Polk County Cultural Commission to provide free music and voice classes to all Falls City youth who want them.

MUSIC and SINGING TEACHER (Grou︎p Classes and Pri︎vat︎e): 1996-PRESENT

2011-present Direct︎or/Fou︎nder of Opera Organically︎/From ︎the Heart︎ School of Singing. Dev︎eloped principles-based, independen︎t c︎urricu︎lu︎m su︎it︎ed for all singers ages 7 and ︎up. Crea︎ted a Le︎vels Program ︎to serv︎e singers of all abilit︎ies. 100+ pri︎va︎te s︎tudent︎s ︎to da︎te. Emphasis on b︎uilding comm︎unity while b︎uilding e︎cellent︎, e︎fficient︎ v︎oice t︎echniq︎e.

Freelance Pri︎va︎te Voice Teacher in ︎the Uni︎ted S︎ta︎tes and Eu︎rope: 1996-present︎.

Albany︎ First Christ︎ian Ch︎urch (FCC)

Cornerstones Associates, Corvallis Oregon.
Taught Adult Music and Singing classes

Special Needs High School Students

Lin︎eld College M︎usic Depar︎tment︎. Teaching group and privat︎e ︎voice classes.

ADJUDICATOR: ︎ 2016-present︎


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